A fast, reliable, easy-to-use color probe that has been proven around the world in Clinical Laboratories, Vitamin D Studies and Point-of-Sale Applications. The SmartProbe 400 delivers accurate, reproducible measurements of skin and hair in L*a*b* color space. It is compact, lightweight and fully portable — and its’ built-in RS-232C communication works seamlessly with our (optional) SmartConnect™ software.

-Fast, reliable skin color measurements in L* a* b* color space

-Compact, lightweight and fully portable, the IMS SmartProbe makes field measurements a breeze

-Total probe weight with batteries is just 18 ounces

-Built in bi-directional RS-232C communication simplifies data acquisition

Optional SmartConnect Software allows direct data entry from your SmartProbe into your Excel spreadsheet, saving you countless hours of tedious data entry!

-The optional SmartConnect Software package includes an AC adapter and a data cable which makes the IMS SmartProbe ideal for measurements in the laboratory

-When coupled with a notebook computer, the IMS SmartProbe offers incredible data collection capabilities for a very modest investment

-Ideal for international clinicals when you need data from multiple sites, but don’t have the budget for big ticket equipment

Technical Specifications
IMS SmartProbe
Measuring Area Approximately 0.95 cm2
Illumination Gas-Filled Tungsten Lamp
Detector 6 Silicon Photocells
Display Mode L* a* b*
Measuring Range L*: 20 – 100
Measurement Conditions Observer: CIE 10 Degree Standard Observer
Illuminant: CIE Standard Illuminate D65
Minimum Interval
Between Measurements
Approx. 1 sec.
Power Source Four AA Batteries or Optional AC Adapter
Display 16 Character x 2-Line LCD
Dimensions 59 x 158 x 85 mm (2.31 x 6.25 x 3.38 in.)
Weight 360g (12.7 oz) without batteries
SmartConnect Software Package
(Includes SmartConnect Software, AC adapter and RS-232 Data Cable)

Finally, a fast and easy way to input L*a*b* data into Microsoft Excel™ Spreadsheets.

Researchers recognize the value of an accurate, reliable, lightweight colorimeter when making clinical measurements in the laboratory, or in the field.

One problem with making a large number of color measurements is finding the time to transcribe readings into a spreadsheet – and the hassle of tracking down and correcting transcription errors.

The IMS SmartConnect Software and Data Cable allow the IMS SmartProbe400 to interface directly with Microsoft Excel™ – automatically entering the L*a*b* values into your spreadsheet as you take measurements – saving time and reducing the possibility of errors.