At IMS, our mission is to generate highly predictive SPF and UVA data for our clients, rapidly and at modest cost. We do not offer dozens of different assays. Instead we have focused our research efforts on in vitro SPF and UVA testing — specifically static in vitro SPF, water resistance and photostability. We are committed to offering the highest quality data and the best possible service to our clients. We have been leaders in in vitro SPF measurements for over 25 years — and many of the leading global raw material suppliers and personal care companies rely on us for highly predictive in vitro spectroscopy measurements.SPF Testing Sample Submission Form

IMS In Vitro SPF Testing Service
Specifically we provide our clients

Highly Predictive Data – In vitro SPF and UVA measurements are performed with our proprietary VITRO-SKIN® substrate. This substrate delivers a superior correlation with in vivo testing, versus the commonly used PMMA Plates and 3M Transpore Tape.

Rapid Results – In vitro SPF and UVA results usually provided within one week of sample receipt. Expedited testing may be available upon phone call request before sample receipt.

Extensive Experience with In Vitro SPF Techniques – we have tested thousands of formulations, covering the full spectrum of product forms.

World Class Scientific Expertise – at IMS, we understand the physical chemistry, physics and photobiology that these methods are based on. This fundamental understanding, coupled with our leading-edge research in this area, allows us to identify and correct artifacts that can result in misleading data.

Non-Routine Testing and Research

We have in-depth expertise in the areas of formulation technology, organic and inorganic sunscreens, testing substrates and spectroscopy. This allows us to design new, novel methods that deliver the data you need.

Call us at 386.313.6118 — we will be happy to discuss your specific testing needs.

In Vitro Water Resistance Method

Are you working to develop Suncare products that deliver superior water resistance performance? Are you responsible for developing new water resistance raw materials and formulation technology? Do you wish that there was a rapid in vitro water resistance method that correlated with in vivo testing?

If these questions sound familiar, you will be pleased to know that the IMS testing group has developed a new in vitro water resistance method based on VITRO-SKIN® and a controlled temperature/controlled convection water bath.

Need data on critical water resistance samples? Want to learn more about this method? Just call the IMS testing group today at 386.313.6118 — we will be pleased to discuss this new water resistance method and your specific testing needs.

Specialized Photostability Testing

We have developed an in vitro spectroscopy method for evaluating the photostability of sunscreens using VITRO-SKIN® and a solar simulator as a pre-irradiation light source. With this configuration we can control both the intensity and the spectral distribution (UVA / UVB) of the light source and study their impact on the photostability of sunscreen products.

The photostability results and protection factors obtained with this system correlate much better with in vivo testing because the solar simulator light source used for pre-irradiation is identical to that used in human clinical testing.