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Rapid In Vitro Testing of Nail Products
The Global Standard for Rapid, Predictive In Vitro Testing
Starter Kit for Highly Predictive In Vitro SPF/UVA Testing
An In Vitro Model of Human Stratum Corneum
VITRO-SKIN® Substrates
VITRO-SKIN® is an advanced testing substrate that effectively mimics the surface properties of human skin. It has been formulated to have topography, pH, critical surface tension and ionic strength that is similar to human skin.
VITRO-CORNEUM® has been formulated to mimic the properties of human stratum corneum. Like human stratum corneum, the visco-elastic properties of VITRO-CORNEUM® change dramatically with changes in hydration.
VITRO-NAILS® contains components that have been optimized to mimic the wetting properties, thickness and flexibility of human fingernails.
Home SPF Testing
In Vitro SPF Testing
Highly Predictive SPF, Water Resistance and Photostability Data

At IMS, our mission is to generate highly predictive SPF and UVA data for our clients, rapidly and at modest cost. We do not offer dozens of different assays. Instead we have focused our research efforts on in vitro SPF and UVA testing both static and waterproof. We are committed to offering the highest quality data and the best possible service to our clients.