What is VITRO-SKIN® ?


VITRO-SKIN is an advanced testing substrate that effectively mimics the surface properties of human skin. It has been formulated to have topography, pH, critical surface tension and ionic strength that is similar to human skin.

VITRO-SKIN is currently used by over 155 leading companies worldwide and has been referenced in numerous scientific presentations and patents. It has been successfully applied in a broad range of in vitro methods including the measurement of SPF and UVA protection factors, evaluation of the water resistance of prototype sunscreen formulations, rapid assessment of the performance of sunless tanning formulations, evaluation of the performance of adhesive bandages, assessment of prototype and emollient spreading. Testing done on VITRO-SKIN is generally more reproducible than that performed on human skin due to the consistent topography and wetting properties across each sheet. VITRO-SKIN with N-19 topography is optimized to mimic human back skin. It is a synthetic (non-biological) product.

Validation Work(pdf - 59Kb)
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