DualCon - Applications



1. Emulsion stability
The measurement of voltage potential as a function of temperature and time makes it possible to reliably record changes in emulsion structure as well as coalescence, aggregation or creaming phenomena. The analytical precision is independent of the particular viscosity of the emulsion being analyzed.


2. Dispersion stability
Because the DualCON™ simultaneously records the voltage potential at the upper fill height and at the bottom of the storage container, it is possible to precisely determine the sedimentation kinetics of solid substances in aqueous systems without interference from the system.


3. Structural analysis of liquid crystalline lyotropic mesophases
Frequently, structural changes occur in lyotropic liquid crystalline mesophases of emulsions as a function of the temperature. Structural changes of this kind can exert a substantial impact on both the stability and application characteristics of an emulsion. Such changes can be reliably recorded via a temperature profile analysis performed with the DualCON™.

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Detektable Phenomena

  • Coalescence
  • Creaming
  • Sedimentation
  • Phase Inversion
  • Aggregation
  • Structural Transformation