In Vitro Sunless Tanning - Overview

IMS In Vitro Sunless Method

Rapidly assess color development of prototype formulations and novel raw materials

The most challenging part of working with sunless self-tanning products is finding a reliable group of test subjects willing to have numerous products applied and to return for readings consistently throughout the day.

The In-Vitro Sunless kit replaces the variability of human volunteers with VITRO-SKIN® - an advanced testing substrate that contains a unique combination of ingredients engineered to mimic the color development of human skin when exposed to DHA.

Preliminary results available in just eight hours ­ a full comparison of eight products can be completed in 24 hours.

Results will no longer be delayed by your test substrate going to meetings, lunch breaks or taking the day off.

VITRO-SKIN eliminates the variability and unpredictability associated with excised human or animal skin ­ you can always be sure of having fresh, affordable, clean material available whenever you need it.


Why is Sunless Tanner Testing with VITRO-SKIN® Superior?

  • Surface topography effectively mimics human skin, so products spread naturally during application.
  • Similar pH, critical surface tension, and ionic strength as human skin, so emulsions break the same as on human skin.
  • Optimized components, with excellent consistency lot-to-lot, insure reproducible effects.
  • More reproducible results compared to human skin ­ eliminates subject-to-subject variability.
  • Low lot-to-lot variability means more comparable results study-to-study.
  • Individually heat-sealed single sheet packaging means immediate availability of fresh material with less waste.
  • Always available for testing! No more scheduling your testing around your subjects' availabilities!