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Face of the Future

Technology Driven Marketing: This is an example of cutting edge technology being leveraged to achieve a marketing objective. The Pond’s Institute wanted to provide a powerful presentation for their annual Mall Tour to support the launch of the Pond’s "Prevent and Correct" line. Their objectives were clear and aggressive, the technology solution must be:

  • Impactful enough to captivate a large crowd of consumers and generate significant news coverage
  • Flexible enough to provide direct computer output to TV cameras to facilitate media coverage
  • Robust enough to withstand multiple disassembly/re-assembly cycles with fault-free operation (especially when operated on live TV news shows)
  • Simple and Intuitive enough to be operated with minimal training

To meet these needs, IMS designed and developed the Ponds "Face of the Future" system. This system captures high-resolution images of consumers. Then via high-performance custom algorithms, it simulates the effects of aging. Even better, the software then "turns back the clock" and shows a consumer how he or she will look without their fine lines and wrinkles. During the process, the customer is asked several questions about their specific skin care issues. Based on this input, and the input from the Pond’s system operator, the customer is presented with a customized product regimen based on their needs, complete with their picture, their preferences and images of their recommended products.

The bottom line: During the Mall Tour and the subsequent follow up news stories, the "Face of the Future" system generated tremendous consumer impact, as well as, millions of dollars worth of TV air time (as "free" news coverage).